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Displaying Collections Of Photos Can Require A Multi Opening Picture Frame


When we want to have a reminder of a favorite vacation, wedding, party, or child’s birth and growing up process, we don’t always want to hide all the photos in a scrapbook. But, displaying multiple small frames might lead to a cluttered look on the wall. One answer to this dilemma is to purchase several multi aperture frames. These unique frames contain a matting that has several openings cut into it to hold multiple photos or other pictures. These multi picture frame choices are perfect for collections of photographs, postcards, or small drawings.


Where To Get Multi Picture Frames

Though retail department stores may have a few multi-opening picture frames to choose from, they may not be what is needed. They will have too many or too few openings or the wrong size openings. It will be difficult to fit a collection of pictures into them without hurting the pictures getting them to fit the openings. The better solution is to go online to a site such as. These sites will offer custom multi picture frames so that every picture can be displayed at its best. The customer can tailor their frame to the pictures they want to display rather than trimming their pictures to fit a frame.

How To Oder

There is a method to getting the perfect multi-opening picture frame. First, choose the pictures that will look the best in a group. Decide how many pictures should be in one frame. Decide on the best overall size of the frame. Now play around with the pictures to find the best image layout. The steps are:

Select the number of images to go across and the number to go down. Do this by using the radio selection button to select the final layout, then click the apply layout button.

Now, enter the aperture sizes.

Last, fine tune all of the opening sizes if they are different sizes. The shape of each opening can be altered to rectangle or oval. The space between each opening will be set at 50% of the border width.

Now that the perfect aperture arrangement is set, the customer will need to choose the color of the mount and the style and color or finish of the frame. There are many, many colors of mounts or mats to choose from. Choose the color that looks best with all of the pictures to be used in the frame. Then, the frame choices are equally generous. There are black, white, gray, colored, stained, or metallic finish frames of modern, traditional or rustic styles. Now, that the choices are made, complete the order and wait for it to arrive. For more information, go to the website.

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